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The best bakery starts with the best wheat

As part of Grands Moulins de Paris, Europe’s leading milling group, Délifrance benefits from the support of milling experts who guarantee the quality and the provenance of the flour used in the Délifrance recipes.

  • By working closely with the cooperatives our wheat varieties are specially selected for their technological, aesthetic and taste qualities. We use wheat that guarantees the optimal level of protein for our flours.
  • Délifrance uses wheat from conventional farming.
  • Délifrance products are produced from French wheat flour.

  • We select the right wheat varieties, produced mainly in the Champagne Lorraine region, resulting in the best textures and tastes for our bakery products.
  • Our control over the wheat chain guarantees that our wheat, which is our most important ingredient, is grown in rich, fertile land under optimum conditions.

Photo : J.M. Lisse