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Reforestation programme in Madagascar

Conscious of its environmental impact, Délifrance is committed to fighting against global warming. Also conscious of its carbon footprint, Délifrance has launched an improvement programme focussing on two initiatives:

  • Reduction of direct emissions of greenhouse gases in our production sites, with a target of -10% by 2015.
  • A partnership with WeForestTM aiming at sustainable reforestation in Madagascar.

    Trees contribute to global cooling because they naturally absorb CO2. Reforestation is therefore essential to our ecosystem.


The ecosystem of the island of Madagascar has been weakened by clear-cutting of mangroves. The most obvious consequence of this is the soil erosion of the estuary. The displacement of arable land has caused smothering of coral reefs and has devastating effects on local fishermen. Délifrance will thus contribute contributes to the natural regeneration of mangroves by planting 1.2 million trees in the Mahabanaby estuary by the end of 2012.

Through this project, Délifrance also aims at providing support to the local population by encouraging self-management of their food and financial resources.


WeForestTM is an international NGO committed to the fight against climate change. Their action is based on the implementation of worldwide reforestation projects. For more information, visit