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Our Sustainability Policy

As a responsible business, Délifrance is involved in sustainability initiatives .

Délifrance has, for many years, integrated environmental issues as well as social and economic to its management systems.

Délifrance has a committed approach through a dedicated sustainability team, endorsed by the group’s Chairman and has created policies for its factories and commercial offices. Our targeted environmental areas are:


  • Energy saving
  • Water management control
  • Waste management
  • Recycled and recyclable packaging where possible
  • Reduction of amount of packaging
  • Supply chain
  • Rationalised orders and loading
  • Optimised product flow
  • Ingredients
  • Examples are : Our Héritage range underlines our commitment to environmental issues using environmentally-friendly wheat certified by a production Charter (Arvalis-Irtac) which regulates environmentally friendly farming methods. ----------