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Our Product Concepts

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Maison Héritage

Délifrance reveals its artisan range: Maison Héritage.

The new Héritage range is inspired by the traditional French boulangerie.

  • The best selection of eco-friendly French wheat
  • Unique recipes with extra long fermentation time inspired by 17th century bakers
  • Baking in a natural stone oven from the Alps


3 Unique recipes:

  • Poolish: mild fermentation technique giving the bread an airy cream coloured crumb and delicate flavours.
  • Levain: homemade sourdough with a light beige coloured crumb and notes of dried fruit.
  • Multicereal: a sourdough with a blend of sesame, sunflower and brown flax seeds.


Our Maison Héritage viennoiseries are made with carefully selected ingredients:

  • Brittany butter
  • Cane sugar
  • Label rouge eggs

    For more details on the story behind Héritage and the range, please check our brochure