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Nutrition and Naturality

Délifrance commits itself to naturality. Today naturality is a growing demand from our customers and consumers:

  • Naturality appears in the top three criteria for choosing brands in most European countries (source Health Focus)
  • Amongst the products launched in Europe in 2008, the naturality of ingredients is the primary message communicated (source Mintel). Délifrance must respond to this requirement and has done so in the following ways :
  • Délifrance bread recipes contain no artificial flavourings or colourings as required by the regulations.
  • Similarly Délifrance is gradually excluding artificial colourings and flavourings from viennoiserie.
  • Délifrance favours pâtisserie and savoury recipes excluding artificial colourings and flavourings.

Délifrance’s nutritional commitments:

  • With a department dedicated to nutrition our teams are regularly trained in nutrition and informed of regulatory changes.
  • From 2003, Délifrance has decided to reduce trans fatty acids in its raw materials. Délifrance are now only using non hydrogenated vegetable fats in its viennoiserie recipes, dramatically reducing the content of trans fatty acids (≤1% of vegetable fat).
  • As for the bread, almost all of Délifrance breads are without added fat and we have gradually reduced the level of salt in our breads in agreement with nutritional recommendations.
  • Délifrance limits the use of additives, such as preservatives.