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For more than 30 years, Délifrance has had a proactive approach to innovation in line with the latest food trends, from convenience, indulgence and health through to sustainability. Délifrances Research & Development team comprises of :

  • 25 engineers and product development managers coming from Bakery & Patisserie backgrounds, spread over 5 sites.
  • More than 300 new products developed each year.
  • Bakery knowledge supported by renowned French Chefs such as Tony Lallement, our pâtisserie chef, who worked for the French President at the Elysée Palace and the Michelin Star Chefs the Pourcel Brothers (Le jardin des sens) who endorsed our Héritage rustic bread range.

Délifrance has developed innovative products based on the 4 major trends :


  • 2000 Délifrance invents square shaped and marble effect Desserts : Noir Orange and Caramel Pear
  • 2007 Délifrance launches The Seafood Basket which was voted Product of The Year by French Consumers
  • 2008 Délifrance launches l’Expérience chocolat - rich chocolate based dessert
  • 2009 Délifrance launches a range of cubed desserts Délifrance launches the Héritage stone baked bread range,


  • 1978 Délifrance invents the frozen part baked baguette
  • 1995 Délifrance invents Provencette : a hot grilled sandwich concept for foodservice
  • 2000 Délifrance launches Déliquick: thaw and serve breads !
  • 2003 Délifrance launches Oven prove viennoiseries
  • 2008 Délifrance launches la Grande Baguette in MAP
  • 2010 Délifrance launches Crousty Pie


  • 2006 Délifrance launches Délivital in bread and pâtisserie : « low fat » desserts
  • Délifrance launches its Omega 3 bread range
  • 2009 Délifrance commits to naturality, with products free from hydrogenated vegetable fats and artifical colourings and preservatives


  • 2010 Délifrance launches organic bread and viennoiserie products

Tony Lallement


Jacques and Laurent Pourcel