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Délifrance and NutriXo

Created in 2001 by the milling activities of Grands Moulins de Paris, Euromill Nord, Grands Moulins Storione, Inter-Farine and Délifrance’s frozen bakery activities, NutriXo is one of the European leaders in both the milling and bakery sectors. We are a company that prides itself on quality and innovation, with equal shareholding between the employees and the cooperatives.

Délifrance, a company of the NutriXo Group.

A unique shareholding structure, which sets us apart from our competitors: Employees : 45.6% / Cooperatives : 54.4%

  • An annual turnover of over 5M€ in 2009
  • 3 300 employees
  • 20 frozen bakery production sites
  • 17 subsidiaries"

With a 1.2bn € turnover in 2009 and close to 5 000 employees, the Groupe NutriXo is split into two main divisions :

  • Its milling division, with more than 20 sites in France and Belgium, is one of the European leaders. It mills 1.3 million tonnes of wheat per year.
  • Délifrance and its subsidiaries are a key player in the bakery industry producing and selling frozen bakery products worldwide.
  • External company acquisitions have allowed NutriXo to expand its industrial capacity, product range and expand on the competences and knowledge of the Group. NutriXo has continued with its acquisitions in the bakery division of Appétit de France, Krabansky, Touflet Gourmet and recently Sofrapain and Le Pain Croustillant, and in the milling division, mills from Société Coopérative d’Arcis sur Aube (SCARA), Meuniers du Littoral, du Bos, Fayol and Grande Minoterie de la Méditerranée.
  • The international development of the group continues with the opening of subsidiaries and an increasing number of Délifrance restaurants across the world.